Inscript Typing Tutor

learning Inscript Typing is very easy with Free online typing tutor as you can see above. Just start with exercise 1 and go threw all exercise. First day start with 1 exercise and practice it only thought whole day. Next exercise would start 2 day. Don't try to learn all exercise in one day. Try to remember the Hindi characters on keyboard and type without seeing the keyboard. Remember to achieve Fast speed you have to type without seeding keyboard. If you habitual for typing by seeding keyboard you are not a good typist at all. 

After learning whole keyboard try to type correct word. Imagine there is no backspace key in your keyboard and you have to type only correct words. This will make you prepare for Exams. Remember in correcting each word your time goes waste and your speed goes down. Believe that Hindi it easiest work and thing that anyone can learn in just 10 days of practice. Once you learn whole keyboard along with Inscript Shortcuts key combinations. go threw the Inscript Typing Test and practice more and more that will improve your speed and accuracy.

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