English Typing Tutor

Learn typing without seeing keyboard. Fast and accurate typing course. the Short and fast typing learning module. Specially designed for fast learning. The Typing master you are seeding below will help you to know the right way to place your fingers on the keyboard. the animated hand fingers will show which key to press with which finger. The common words are whom who used usually in typing. The Most common 500 words that makes an average of 60% of any document will save your lots of time. you will able to type with speed of 80 WPM and above. Take one lesson daily and practise it.

1Exercise 113All Row Practise 125Common Words 137Test Exercise 1
2Exercise 214All Row Practise 226Common Words 238Test Exercise 2
3Exercise 315All Row Practise 327Common Words 339Test Exercise 3
4Exercise 416All Row Practise 428Common Words 440Test Exercise 4
5Exercise 517All Row Practise 529Common Words 541Test Exercise 5
6Exercise 618All Row Practise 630Common Words 642Test Exercise 6
7Exercise 719All Row Practise 731Common Words 743Test Exercise 7
8Exercise 820All Row Practise 832Common Words 844Test Exercise 8
9Exercise 921All Row Practise 933Common Words 945Test Exercise 9
10Exercise 1022All Row Practise 1034Common Words 1046Test Exercise 10
11Exercise 1123All Row Practise 1135Pangram 147Test Exercise 11
12Exercise 1224All Row Practise 1236Pangram 248Test Exercise 12
English Typing Special Character Code & Short-cut Keys