Hindi Typing Tutor - Inscript

Learn Hindi Typing with this free typing tutor. This typing tutor made with Mangal font and Inscript Keyboard layout. Here you can start with lesson one and going towards to learn complete Hindi typing. This Hindi TYping Course designed for learn fast, without seeing the keyboard, and accurate typing practise. Here you will practise whole keyboard step by step firstly type home row keys then upper and bottom rows keys respectively. Finger animation will guide which finger to be used for type which key. This will greatly help you in learning Hindi Typing. Practise daily for best results.

1बीच वाली पंक्ति 9सभी पंक्तिया 3
2शिफ्ट + बीच वाली पंक्ति 10सभी पंक्तिया 4
3ऊपर वाली पंक्ति 11सभी पंक्तिया 5
4शिफ्ट + ऊपर वाली पंक्ति12सभी पंक्तिया 6
5नीचे वाली पंक्ति13पैराग्राफ 1
6शिफ्ट + नीचे वाली पंक्ति14पैराग्राफ 2
7सभी पंक्तिया 115पैराग्राफ 3
8सभी पंक्तिया 216पैराग्राफ 4
Inscript Hindi Typing Shortcut Keys